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KatanaNinjas favoured different weapons, they mainly fall into three categories that being the Wakizashi sword, the katana sword and the Tanto sword (short knife.) Although dangerous and deadly Bokken swords were for training purposes. Ninja swords were unique in relation to that of the samurai. Forged from high carbon steel and handmade unique for every samurai, the long sword was the samurai sword of choice taking weeks or months to make.

Extraordinary consideration went into the making of each and every sharp sword. Sharp to the point it would undoubtedly cut any object in two, even cut a soldiers reinforced clothing. Although well-known for carrying the short sword or the dagger, the Ninjas weapon of choice was actually the katana, normally carried on their back.

Ninja Sword: Secrets from Ninja GrandmasterSo, if the art of Ninjutsu takes your interest, take a look what’s on offer. Ninjutsu books to learn the Ninjutsu art, like the book (far left) Secrets from Ninja Grandmaster, by none other than the 34th Grandmaster himself Masaaki Hatsumi.

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