About Ninja Sword

About Ninja Sword


Ninja sword have done their best to ransack the internet for the best deals. Trying to find the right product can be time-consuming, and skipping from page to page can demand hours of time. Therefore, Ninja sword have done all the difficult work

www.ninjasword.co.uk have hunted down a number of the best swords on the web bringing them together on one-website saving hours of searching time. Products on this website come from a range of different manufactures and private sellers.

Ninja sword does not condone the usage of weapons; hence, usage of these weapons should conduct in controlled environments. Swords and weapons should be handled by a person who has professional training.

Weapons should not be used to threaten, intimidate a person or harm another individual. Swords and weapons can be highly dangerous and can cause serious injury or death. Committing crimes and acts of violence with weapons can carry serious penalties, including heavy fines and lengthy prison sentences.

Check country law before ordering, www.ninjasword.co.uk will not accept responsible for non received orders. When purchasing items through this website, it is down to the sellers discretion whether they sell the product to an individual.

www.ninjasword.co.uk will accept no responsible for any items damaged, faulty, unsatisfactory manufactured, sized by costumes or border control. All problems should be taking up with the seller of the item.