Honshu United CutleryUnited Cutlery is a standout among the most prevalent makers of blades in the business sector. Their statement of liquidation has shaken numerous sword fanatics. Particularly since there is a solid fan base for the organizations Hibben arrangement. With their apparently solid grasp on the blade market, the fall of United Cutlery compels quite a few people to ask, what happened?

The purpose for United Cutlery’s liquidation may be associated with a few components. Clearly their primary issues had something to do with the money related side as top administration intentionally entered bankruptcy. There were loads of signs that inward issues were going on. There was some red flags that United Cutlery was going to be shutting soon. First, and foremost, the organization chose to all of a sudden stop their Hibben series and to not discharge the blades for the year 2006. Gil Hibben was known for knife designer blades. Considering how this was one of their greatest dealers, this appeared like such a wrong working move for the organization.

The clarification was that they would enter a one-year rest for the Hibben Knives before proceeding with the stockpile in 2007. They noticed that this break would prepare them for the series two of Gil Hibben stockpile. Then again, the inventor of the blades, Gil Hibben, had officially discharged the following plans and submitted them to the organization. Besides, he had no clue about the “Arrangement 1” and “Arrangement 2” the organization was proposing.

Honshu Swords

Honshu Full Tang Tactical WakizashiHonshu Full Tang Tactical Wakizashi

Honshu Full Tang Tactical KatanaHonshu Full Tang Tactical Katana

Honshu Full Tang Tactical TantoHonshu Full Tang Tactical Tanto

Honshu 3-Piece Tactical Sword Collector’s EditionHonshu 3-Piece Tactical Sword Collector’s Edition

United Cutlery was extraordinary for delivering a portion of the finest edges in the business. The vast majority of blades were for sword fanatics, in spite of the fact that they can likewise be used for pragmatic reasons. The United Cutlery Company was obtained by Bud-K Knives. The name, and also all the remaining resources were exchanged to the new proprietors. Viably putting a stop to one of most mainstream makers of blades in the business. However, Bud-K Knives still produce and sell some excellent swords including the Honshu tactical katana, wakizashi and Tanto.

Honshu saya

Honshu Full Tang Tactical TantoFirst, thing you will notice with the Honshu tactical katana, wakizashi and the Tanto is the saya Made from wood and coated in fiberglass making it slightly stronger than your average wood saya. Fiberglass strengthens the saya, so there will be very little chance of damage if accidentally dropped or stood on.

Honshu Tsuba

The Honshu sword features a tsuba slightly smaller than average, this may be a problem for some, but unlikely. Tsuba (sword guard) has one purpose that being, to stop your hand running up the blade. If this does happen, basically you are an idiot and should not play with swords. Honshu have made their swords without the hamon feature, but do feature a deep bo-hi or blood groove as some prefer to call it.

Honshu Blade

United Cutlery used high carbon steel to forge their blades, which come stamped with the Honshu logo. If you receive a Honshu sword without it’s logo stamped on the blade chances are, it’s probably counterfeit. The blade however, is not as thick in width as you’re average katana. Honshu swords are pretty basic when compared to other swords having no menuki (handle ornaments). You will notice that the pegs keeping the handle in place are brass instead of the original bamboo type that is more commonly used on authentic swords.

Considering United Cutlery made their swords from carbon steel they are still durable and will probably hold up better than most swords. As I said before “they have no menuki” and have a poly ABS handle for extra grip. Complete with lacerations below the tsuba allowing a person to a better grasping quality. Also, more confidence in knowing the sword will not go anywhere as long as you have a good tight hold.

Honshu Handle

United Cutlery have designed their swords with a non-slip, checkered Poly ABS scale handle. Traditional wood type handles normally are wrapped in silk or leather known as the tsuka-Ito. Katana, wakizashi and the Honshu Tanto are all designed with a full-tang. Allowing the sword to be used for more powerful slashes.

Honshu Cut Test

Honshu Full Tang Tactical KatanaHowever, let us get on to the fun part for this Honshu sword review, the cut test. For this cut test we will be using regular four litter water bottles “full of water of course” and the Honshu full tang tactical katana. Now, as you are unable to see how it went let me tell you. The blade held up extremely well and sliced through the bottles with little effort. Now, what makes these swords unique are there ability not to rust as easily as other swords. And after the water bottle test I can tell you that the sword is still in one piece with absolutely no damage. The water bottles that were used in the cut test have some amazing clean cuts all the way through.

So, the conclusion for the Honshu sword review is this, the sword cut like a dream, so if you are looking for a sword for practicing your cutting techniques. I can tell you, for less than £150 Honshu swords are excellent value for money, and will not disappoint you in any way. They are strong, durable, attractive, well made and have an affordable price.

Published Apr 13, 2015