Myth of the straight blade

Myth of the straight blade

Myth of the straight blade – Ninjas favored different weapons and swords. Let’s talk about what is sold as a Ninja sword and would probably offend a real Ninja, (the straight blade Ninja sword). Straight blade Ninja swords are purchased from a wide range of catalogs or websites for as little as £20 / $30.

Straight Blade Ninja SwordThese swords have a square tsuba (sword guard) separates the blade from handle. Attempt wearing a square tsuba sword on your back, OK, if one manages not to fall over and land on one’s back.

(Straight blade) no such sword as the straight blade Ninja sword, straight blade swords were entirely designed as movie prop swords.

Originally hundreds of years before Ninjas existed the early Japanese swords were straight. Until somebody figured out that curved blades were more appropriate at cutting.

Unfortunately because of the Ninja movie craze the world ended up with the straight blade. Straight blades are generally sold as practical Ninja swords, in all fairness nothing practical about them.

Square tsuba is impractical – straight blade is impractical and the size is impractical.  People may argue the straight blade is better since its made for thrusting, untrue.

Straight sword is a myth, if serious regarding Ninja swords stay away from the straight sword. Myth of the straight blade comes from Ninja moves, until the 1960s curved blades were used in movies.

Until movie producers figured out that straight blade swords were cheaper to reproduce. Little did they realize they would start a myth – people to this day believe that Ninja swords are straight.

If serious about practical Ninja swords, the straight sword is not the practical choice.

Published Nov 6, 2014