Sword Review

Sword Review

Honshu Sword Review

Sword Review: Honshu Full Tang Tactical KatanaUnited Cutlery is a standout among the most prevalent makers of blades in the business sector, made decades prior and kept on being dynamic in the business as far back as 2005-06. Their statement of liquidation has shaken numerous sword fanatics, particularly since there is a solid fan base for the organizations Hibben arrangement. With their apparently solid grasp on the blade market, the fall of United Cutlery…

Review Of The Honshu sword

Masahiro Sword Review

Sword Review: Masahiro Damascus Katana SwordMasahiro swords have something of a good and bad notoriety. The production line in China that makes them beat them out at such a rate, to the point that the perfection of the blades can be not as good as expected. Some are great –some are awful –and, which one you get relies upon who your purchasing it from, as it’s basically the merchants obligation to verify that you get a decent one. In our Masahiro sword review we will examine a…

Review Of The Masahiro sword

Ryumon Sword Review

Ryumon Dragonfly KatanaWhen Ryumon first hit the shelf’s, people unknowingly and pompously got tied up with the entire ‘Ryumon swords are rubbish’’ rumour that was prominent in certain sword discussions at the time, and as new makers began producing more and more swords,– people put Ryumon as their last option. However, they may well be a few Ryumon swords out there that need a closer inspection…

Review Of The Ryumon Sword

Ten Ryu Sword Review

Ten Ryu Sword Review: Musashi KatanaIn this Ten Ryu sword review we will be reviewing a coordinated set, the short sword and the long sword. The swords that are being reviewed are the Ten Ryu Musashi katana and wakizashi, manufactured by Master Cutlery, under there brand name Ten Ryu. Master Cutlery get their swords from different forges in China and have several unique lines. They have…

Review Of The Ten Ryu Sword

 Hanwei Sword Review

Sword ReviewPaul Chen is a Chinese sword enthusiast who opened a production line in Dalian fabricating modest reproductions of Edo period Japanese swords. They are likewise one of the greatest sword producer in the business, with more than 350 representatives at their Dalian facility alone. Chen’s manufacturing procedure copies the traditional Japanese sword making processes, but are considerably lower in price. Paul Chen Hanwei swords are sold in the United States by C.A.S. Iberia, Inc. Chen also, 

Review Of The Hanwei Sword